After graduating from engineering physics, Özgen Eryaşa explored music, poetry, weaving, photography, painting and finally woodcarving which he has been prcticing for about fifteen years. He discovered stone in 2005, it was love at first sight.

He then followed a series of courses which would help him develop a very personal style integrating his scientific training, sensuality, passion for music and mathematics, and his sense of humour and poetry into abstract forms characteristic of his recent creations.

He began exhibiting his stone sculptures in 2008. In 2009 he saw the confirmation of his career as a sculptor: a recognition in St-Basile-Le-Grand, a first prize in La Prairie, and an invitation to join Les Créateurs de la Petite-Nation, a collective of professional artists and craftsmen in Outaouais who welcome visitors to their workshops all year round.

He received honors at the four last exhibitions in which he participated in 2010. In early 2011, after the sustained interest expressed by visitors to his exhibitions, he set up a series of workshops and started teaching sculpting in stone.


Ŕ la Dane

Serpentinite on marble

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