Sculpture en deux temps

An intimate art exhibition featuring four artists, each one presenting 15 plus works, to offer a better understanding of their artistic approach

Friday July 29 - Thursday August 4, 2011 - Montebello Art Center (across the street from the church)

Artists invited:

Eugčne Jankowski, Stone Sculptor / Claudine Vivier, Painter / Louise Cormier, Painter

Free admission - Door prizes: original works (last year's prizes amounted to over $500 in value)

Activities throughout the week

Documentation center with visual arts books and magazines

Sculpture showcase highlighting tools, stones, and work in progress at various stages of advancement

Artists present on location to welcome visitors, share their enthusiasm with them and to receive their comments

Free painting and sculpture clinics as well as professional advice

Collective Work on Stone

Invitation to all: no previous experience needed, anyone can participate

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